Inductive sensors


In our section where we have inductive (for metal) sensor types, you can find models commonly used in machine automation control systems.

As you can see below, we have classified it into 5 separate sections. All of these sensors work in a metal-sensitive manner.

Note: All of the inductive sensors on our website are products with 2khz operating frequency and galvanic isolation for industrial machines and can work side by side with frequency inverters, power supplies and other environmental factors that may produce potential interference. Please do not confuse with economic series and non-industrial inductive proximity sensors.

Standard inductive sensors; In this section, you can find metal sensitive proximity sensors with different sensing distances, 4-5-6-8-12-18-22-30mm diameter NPN-PNP 3 and 4-wire NO or NC models and their commissioning diagram connections.

2-wire inductive sensors; Our sensors, which are metal sensitive connected in series to the circuit, can operate normally open or closed in different voltage ranges.

Cubic inductors; Likewise, it is the section where we have metal sensitive and square body sensors with different sensing distances and output types.

Inductive sensor models with analog output; Proximity detector sensors that can output 0-10v or 4-20mA (depending on the distance) when not On-Off are included in this section.

Special type inductive sensors; They are the types of sensors that provide installation convenience for rectangular mounting areas and cover or flat areas.

Power supplies; Our materials that can provide DC output in different power and voltage ranges for feeding sensors or sensor groups are in this section.

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