Speed control accessories

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   Below are the products you may need during the manufacture of an average driver board.

At this point, the total power and other desired features vary in the selection of the 2nd party products that may be needed.
   For example, the panel-fuse-terminal and other materials to be selected for a 2.2kw panel can be found in a much different form for 45kw. At this point, when a product is selected, the auxiliary materials of that product are listed on the side by focusing 1 to 1 on it.

In order to shorten your work and save time, the contents of the main headings here are as follows;

> Potentiometers; This is the section where we have analog and digital (electronic) models that provide signal control for frequency and motor control to connect them completely to speed controllers.

> Brake resistors; Many kinds of ohms and watts, which are connected to drivers or brake choppers, are classified as having a case type, especially in machine application automation panels that require drag or make a hard stop.

> Speed ​​and current indicators; Display models with large and small screens with specific values ​​such as revolution/minute, speed, m2, kg etc. of production lines are available in this section.

> Input filters (EMC-RFI) ; Some model drivers (especially the economic series) emit interference to the network they are fed due to their working principle (PWM). These signals damage many 2nd party units operating in the same environment, such as heat control devices, or fast counters, or sensor values, industrial communication protocols. In such cases, it is necessary to absorb the interference signals by adding a filter to the system.

> Multi-drive Control; If we need to read and write many drivers start/stop, speed reference, current vs voltage information and other data from a single center, the solution is here.

> Brake choppers ; Most of the 45kw and above speed controllers do not have a brake chopper output to connect the brake resistor. If your engine has high voltage problems during drifting or stopping, you should use the devices in this section.

> Panel meters and access devices; In this section, there are detachable/portable small screens, which are the original production of the relevant brand, for drivers. You can find products from many brands.

> Materials inside the panel; Only drivers, plc and control devices are not enough for a project to be completed. No fuses, relays, SSr or signal lamps or buttons are required. We exhibited this type of switchgear materials in this section.

 > Dear members, there are no random descriptions, copy/paste information for any product on our website. These are the texts created by taking the opinions and ideas of our competent personnel or customers for each product. Although there are definitely missing aspects, please read the explanations section carefully before making contact, especially for asking technical questions. 

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