E-Trade Distant sales contract

Clause 1 Counterparties
1.1 Seller  Name: Otomasyon AVM

1.2 Buyer
Name – Surname:
Clause 2 Subject
The main subject of this contract is determining qualificationed and selling priced of given orders on
www.otomasyonavm.com which subjects are selling and delivering terms on   commercial code, code
of obligations and law on the protection of consumers.
Buyer accepts and declares clearly and fully informed by seller about; seller’s name, title, address,
telephone, basic qualifications of the selling item, selling price included tax, payment type, delivering
terms, delivering fee, right of withdrawal, official authorities informations for complaint and
Pre-notification form which located on www.otomasyonavm.com and buyer’s order bill are an inseparable
part of this contract.
Clause 3 Contracted Products/Payment/Delivering Options
Type, quantity, brand/model, selling price, payment type, recipient, billing information and shipping
fee of online ordered product/products are below there. Biller and contracter (buyer) must be the
same person. Below informations must be fully correctly and exactly. Buyers has been allready
accept and declare all harms and responsibilties about wrongness and imperfectness on these
Seller has the right of stopping of buyer’s order if it’s necessary. When the seller realized something
wrong about buyer’s order, it informs buyer via buyer’s recorded contact information for 15 days. If
the buyer wont answer sellers inform, buyer cancels the order after 15 days.
Ordered Product/Products
Name, Code: .......... Piece
Total Price: ........... EURO / USD
Payment Type: Credit Card / Remittence (EFT)
Delivery Person:
Telephone Number:
Delivery Address:
Billing Person/Company:
Billing Address:
Tax Office:
Tax Identification Number:
Shipping Fee: .......... EURO / USD
For other countries except  there may be additional shipment costs and tariff fees. Theese
cost will be added to bill.
Clause 4 Contract Date And Force Majeures
Contract date is the day buyer give the order which is .../.../......
Force majeures are, the things those nonexist or unexpected on contract date, uncontrolled
happened, make impossible or not in time one or both stakeholder’s responsibilities (Such as; natural
disaster, war, terrorism, rebellion, coup, changed laws, distrainment, work stoppage, malfunction on
production facility, etc. ). If a force majeure happens, one or both stakeholder have to inform the
other side as written immediately.
There will be no responsibility for both side of contract while force majeures being happen due to
nonfulfilment duties. If this force majeure take longer than 30 days, each side of stakeholders has the
right of cancelation the contract.
Clause 5 The rights and obligations of seller
5.1. Seller is already accept and approve fully and clearly observance duties which written on selling
5.2. Persons those underage 18 years old, cant make any shopping on www.otomasyonavm.com. Buyer, has
approved his/her age by giving order on website. Seller has no responsibility about website actions of
a people who is age lower than 18 years old.
5.3. Seller has no responsibility from price mistakes, web system, design or illegal attempt to website.
Buyer can not claim any rights from seller for these actions.
5.4. www.otomasyonavm.com supports shopping with credit card (Visa, Master Card, etc.) and remittence. if
there is 2 working days past from order but no remittince come yet, the order will be cancelled . The
date of selling contract begins with the date remittence or credit card payment showns on seller’s
account, not place order time. Not allowed for any other payment types unlees inform seller before.
5.5 There is remittence information form which should be filled after every single remittence
payments. It’s purpose is notificate seller about buyer remittence payment and make it quickness
and right. If this remittence information form no to be filled, then  Otomasyon AVM Elektronik  has no
responsiblity about buyer’s remittence payment.
5.6. Technical specifications of buyer’s ordered items are located in technical documents those
published by manufaturer (which called as “datasheets”). www.otomasyonavm.com has no responsibility
about wrongness and incorrectness of manufacturer’s published datasheets. These datasheet and
images for convenience for buyers and buyers must be taken responsibility about it’s correctness.
Pre-notification of seller is not guarantee.
5.7. There may be differences beetween product images and orders because of web environment’s
color, size and shapes. In that case, main criterion is the datasheets.
5.8. Technical datasheets are updating continuously, but www.otomasyonavm.com give no guarantee for the
most updated datasheets.
5.9. If www.otomasyonavm.com placed a weblink to another website, using this weblink’s responsibility
belongs to user. In that case, www.otomasyonavm.com has no responsibility about link.
5.10. All technical informations and images on www.otomasyonavm.com are forbidden to us efor
commercial reasons.
5.11. Out of worktimes, weekends and offical holidays orders those giving on www.otomasyonavm.com put
into process next working day, after payments received on seller bank account.
5.12 Lots of buyers look up and give order of same items on www.otomasyonavm.com. So product stocks are
rapidly changeable. Because of that, purchasable stocks may not to be “add to charted” stocks.
5.13 Because of fluctuation on currencies, some of prices on www.otomasyonavm.com may changable
sometimes. So, final pricing is in the order confirmation mail.
5.14 Some of products on www.otomasyonavm.com is marked as Obsolete. This means, the product will not
continue to produce by it’s manufacturer and may not suitable for some desings.  Otomasyon AVM try it’s best
to collect this datas, but accuracy of this information is not responsibilty of  Otomasyon AVM. Buyer must take
responsibility on this subject.
5.15 Some of products on www.otomasyonavm.com has equivalent option. Equivalent product has similar
specifications with the other item.  Otomasyon AVM Elektronik, uses technical data sor manufacturer’s
feedbacks to determine equivalent products but, it has no give any guarantee for %100 percent of
correctness of this data. Buyer has all the responsibility.
5.16. There is instant messaging application on www.otomasyonavm.com. It goals that convenience and
fastness for  Otomasyon AVM’s custemers. By using this messaging module, you agree to share your device,
browser, location, etc. information to  Otomasyon AVM Elektronik and Zopim.
5.17. Technical datasheets on www.otomasyonavm.com collected by  Otomasyon AVM Elektronik to easy and
comfortable product selection for customers. But  Otomasyon AVM give no guarantee about correctness of
this datasheets. Buyers must be take all responsibilities for this action.
5.18. The lowest order amount on www.otomasyonavm.com have to be 5 dollars except KDV.
5.19  Otomasyon AVM Electronic reserves the right to stop or change all campaigns and promotions without
any notification
Clause 6 The rights and obligations of buyers
6.1. Buyers is already accept and approve fully and clearly observance duties which written on selling
6.2. Buyers is already accept and approve fully and clearly this contract with giving order
6.3. Buyer accepts and declares clearly and fully informed by seller about; seller’s name, title,
address, telephone, basic qualifications of the selling item, selling price included tax, payment type,
delivering terms, delivering fee, right of withdrawal, official authorities informations for complaint
and objection.
6.4. Depends on the previous clause, buyers also accepts and declares product order and payment
terms, product manuels, precautions and warnings on www.otomasyonavm.com.
6.5. Buyer accepts and declares that if buyer wants to return of an item, he/she won’t harm product,
it’s package or banderol, no using and no changeing with another product and give it back it’s bill and
dispatch with return.
Clause 7 Ordering and Payment Procedure Ordering
Product prices those added to shopping cart approved by buyers with clicking order buttom. Then
payment accept by seller. For this reason, a confirmation mail send to buyer before the order
sending. No order shipping without confirmation mail.
You can order the items on www.otomasyonavm.com only if there are in central stocks. The other stocks are
only for information and can not be ordered. You can reach custemer services for non stocked items
by telephone, using “inform me” module or sending mail to info@otomasyonavm.com.
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) refers that minimum ordering amount than can be order of an item.
It has to be that ordering an item on www.otomasyonavm.com MOQ and multiples of MOQ.
If there will be any problem on operations,  Otomasyon AVM informs buyers by her/his registered e-mail,
telephone or fax. If it is necessary,  Otomasyon AVM asks from buyers to get in touch with their banks. Order’s
process time starts with the payments received by seller’s bank account, not with order giving time.
As an exceptional situation, if the item can not be supplied, then seller informs buyers clearly and if
buyer gives an confirmation, seller send to buyer a equivalent and same priced item, or another item.
Also buyer has to right to wait this problem go away or has to right canceling order.
If there will be a situation that can not make any chance to delivering ordered items, then seller
informs buyer and give him/her all pecuniaries in ten days. In that case, buyer won’t demand any
non- pecuniariy material to seller.
Users which do not prefer to use their credit card information on www.otomasyonavm.com, there is a
remittance option. Buyer choose a bank, then make remittance. If the remittance send, it will be
important that Money recieved by seller account. There are some important issues while making
remittance which are “Senders Information” and Billing information are must be same, Remittance
information number have to be written, and amount of remittance must be the same with order’s
grand total. If the payment dont received on 2 working days, the order will be cancelled by seller.
There is a remittence information form while making remittence payment. It is a form that tells the
seller “buyer has been made her/his payment”, and it gives seller guickness an accuracy. Remember
that, this form should be fully filled such as “Payment Bank”, “Payment Person”, “Payment Amount”
areas.  Otomasyon AVM Elektronik has no responsibility about latencies which accoure not to send this
remittance information form.
All item’s prices on www.otomasyonavm.com are American Dollars, but they Exchange to   Liras when
If buyer’ s credit card gets an illegal usage and buyer’s bank put a blockage to him/her account,
buyer’s bank may the order total doesnt send to  Otomasyon AVM’s account. If such reason happens, buyer
have to send all the items those he/she ordered to seller in 10 days. In that case, all the shipment
costs belongs to buyer.
Buyers is already accept and approve all the bank rates and interest of defaults if he/she shopping on
www.otomasyonavm.com with his/her credit card. These are the terms of credit card contract of buyer’s
Clause 8 Delivery and Shipment Procedures
Item/Items send to seller’s contracted delivery company when the orders confirmation mail reached
to buyer.
Shipment date is 30 days and it begins after sended order mail and establishing sales contract. But
deliveries out of Turkey, may be more than 30 days, because of distance, shipment companies and
customs problems.
Buyers is already accept and approve that seller has the cancelation rights of an order without any
If cargo package has been damaged on shipment, buyer shouldn’t accept and take the minutes
down. If buyer doesn’t do that, all responsibilities are in buyers. With this report, buyer should
inform seller custemer services immediately.
If an order delivers someone but buyer, and that person may not accept the order, and that case
seller has no responsbility. Clause 9 Guarantee
www.otomasyonavm.com has no absolute guarantee for its products. Only some of manufacturer’s
guarentee’s may be transferred to custemers. But it’s initiative is in seller’s side.
Clause 10 Privacy
Seller wont shares buyer’s personel or financial informations with third party people/companies.
Only when the seller be a part of a legal obligation, it may me share these informations with legal
Credit card informations never storaged. Only being transferred to bank when geting provision, after
then, they will be deleted from system.
Buyer’s communication informations only for order deliveries. Sometimes, seller send to buyers
messages, mail or phone calls about promotions, but it is only depends on buyer’s confirmation. If
the buyer risks web site security or abuses terms of use, seller send these information to local
security forces.
Clause 11 Web Site Security
www.otomasyonavm.com uses one of the most advanced security systems which is RapidSSL TLS 1.0. This is
an encryption protocol to established secure communication between your computer to website. For
using this encryption protocol, you need a supported browser. By using this, you transfer your
information to website with most secured way. But this must be remembered that, none the
information on internet are %100 secured. The risk of your personel information is your
Clause 12 Accessing Website, Protection of Account Information
For shopping on www.otomasyonavm.com, there must be an username and password. These are defined by
users and they are special for him/her. Username and password must be correct. Username and
password togethar are called user identity and their security and privacy are buyer’s responsibility.
Buyers fully responsible that hird party people activities on website with this user identity. So, if
buyer, realized some kind of third party activity, he/she have to inform seller on info@otomasyonavm.com
immediately. www.otomasyonavm.com has right to trace identities, request changing them and remove.
Buyers must be known that non the information on internet %100 safe and secured. Even
www.otomasyonavm.com secured with latest and advanced security systems but there will be always risk
from third party activities and buyers must be accept that.  Otomasyon AVM has no responsibility for this.
Buyers accept and approve this distant selling contract by ordering anf item on www.otomasyonavm.com
Otomasyon AVM