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You can find sensor types and related accessories here. You can select the different sensors you need from the relevant categories.
Below are sensors for machines for the automation sector. While selecting these materials, the sensors produced for use in the factory sites were selected.

> Pressure control sensors; In this section, you can find devices that we exhibit Air pressure, Water pressure, hydraulic and steam pressure sensors and vacuum sensor groups and can measure them.

> Encoders; Rotary encoders and encoders together with accessories used in industry and control devices that can read encoders.

> Inductive sensors; Types of inductive sensors and connectors exhibited in a classified manner with a wide variety of wired, connector, small or large sensing distances, especially NPN, PNP.

> Temperature sensors; PT100, PT1000, thermocouple types of many sizes, NTC and PTC types and their products, which are necessary for devices that make temperature control and indicators.

> Capacitive sensors; Types of Capacitive sensors with basic functions are here

> Linear measurement; Linear charts for position control between 5cm and 100cm and reading and display devices that support them.

> Potentiometers; 22mm potentiometers mainly used for adjusting speed controllers. Our digital potentiometers are available in the control devices section.

> Photoelectric sensors; These are the sections with sensor models such as diffuse reflection, reflector, transceiver sets and color photocells.

> Sensor connectors; for

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