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Welcome to our electronic control devices section.
In this section, as you can see from the menus below, there are products that act as a stand-alone control.
You can find and compare many kinds of devices, from counters, temperature control devices, tachometers, electronic indicators to digital potentiometers.

The input supply voltages and output types of the devices and the types of sensors they support may vary. Please review the recommended products together with the devices.

> Analog Signal Controllers: Generally produced to display, calibrate and control industrial analog signals (0-10v, 4-20mA), specially the data of ac motor speed controllers (frequency, current, voltage etc.) our device models used as indicators are in this section.

> Digital Potentiometers: These devices, which are manufactured for speed adjustment of frequency inverters, support many universal signal output models.

> Heat Controllers : In this section, we have brought together many brands and models divided into categories, and everything about temperature control that can respond to all your applications if you go step by step.

> Humidity and Temperature Controllers: Our control devices that you can control humidity control + temperature control separately or integratedly and form a team with sensors.

> Special Production Control Devices: Contains examples of devices that can be produced specifically for machine manufacturers.

> Counters and Tachometers: You can find tachometer revolution measuring devices, counter devices and hand terminals with fast counter inputs for industrial automation control machines.

> Cooling and defrosting Controllers: We have many models here that you can use to measure and control cooling control, industrial refrigerators or ambient temperatures.

>Time relays: Our time relays with many models in digital and analog style are in this category. Inside, you can examine devices suitable for every model and mounting system.

> Compressor Controllers: Our devices, which are mainly produced for screw air compressors and that you can use without the need for any additional programming, are in this category.

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