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Currently, we only provide service on GD10, GD20, GD200A series speed controller models and invt solar drives. However, you can review our other invt automation products (servo, hmi, plc). İnvt has become one of the biggest brands in the Turkish market with its products that have been working smoothly for nearly 20 years and with the latest innovations.

 -GD10 speed controllers: Economic series and models up to 220 volt, 2.2 kW are available. You can choose the fan pump style for your relatively lighter applications.

 -GD20 inverters: It is a locomotive series produced by invt for applications requiring performance and standard motor driving, with wide application macros and rich I-O numbers. It is sold in 90 kW and below powers.

 -GD200A Drive models: It offers both classical invt quality and economy with its "dual power" architectural structure for high power motors. Available in stock up to 315 KW.

 -invt solar drives: They are speed control devices produced for PV technology and completely solar systems. These models, which have high efficiency not like standard devices, are highly efficient + very easy to commission.

 -Invt Servo motors and drivers: You can definitely find servo models suitable for you with braked, unbraked and EtherCAT supported models that can fully address all machine and CNC applications.

-Invt screens: Economic models that support many PLC models, easy to use, Turkish interface and application flexibility, are offered together.

 -Invt PLC models: There are the most preferred PLC models with a wide product range that can be used from economical series PLC models to much more complicated machines and the ladder programming language you know.

Click here for old series and user manuals of invt inverter devices.

>> User manual for Invt GD20 (Pdf)

>> invt GD10 User manual (English Pdf)

>> User manual of invt GD200A (Pdf)

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