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You can see our Shihlin electric automation control products here.

          As Automation AVM, we have been providing technical and material support to you, our esteemed members, on SHIHLIN drives -Servo-PLC since 2013 without interruption.
          We certainly have shihlin branded products suitable for your purpose. However, we have a wide variety of materials and brands for our members. If there are products that are temporarily out of stock, there is an alternative product proposal carefully prepared by our technical personnel under each product.
           We sell to every city of our country for Shihin branded products or other materials in our store.
       Below you can find shihlin electric products classified according to their categories. For easier selection;

Shihlin SC3 drives ; It contains basic speed controllers for simple applications. For stable applications such as Fan Pump

Shihlin SS2 inverters; It is in the standard ac driver class. They are products for medium difficulty applications.

SE2 speed controller ; They are specially produced drive models for machines that require high performance and high torque, and they can work without any problems in many applications.

SF-G series ; They are economical series motor drivers produced for fan pump applications with dual band power range.

Shihlin servo drive - motor ; Our page with Shihlin SDA servo drives and motors.

Shihlin PLC ; Our company has been providing sales and service for shihlin plc systems for many years.

Reminder: Our Shihlin drives are not efficient for solar applications (no MPPT features). There are no such macros parametrically anyway. Please do not request consultation or technical support regarding this issue.

The supplier and service provider of the devices we sell is efes automation.

+ Drivers for solar panels

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