Ac Drives (VFD)

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   Below you can find speed control systems for Ac Motors under main headings. You can choose a product by going through the sections for your needs. You can also find other additional materials for speed controllers.

- 220 volt 1-phase speed controllers;  In this section, there are three phase speed controllers with input supply voltage monophase 220volt output. But all of the drivers are for 3-phase ac motors. If you have a motor that works directly with 220volt, it is not possible to operate it with the drivers in this section. On the other hand, you can examine a wide range of drives for almost any type of machine.

- 380 volt input motor drivers: our speed controllers with both input supply voltage and output voltage of 380 volts are included in this section. There is a wide range of models from the most basic functional devices to professional applications and for heavy conditions. Classified categories and pricing are made for each power range.

- Panel speed control devices: These are ready-to-use panel speed control systems, which are mostly made for 1 or 2 motor-controlled machines, which you can operate by directly inputting the supply voltage and can be customized according to demand.

- Pump and submersible pump controllers: Drive models that are both resistant to voltage surges and meet the additional needs of pump systems with their additional parametric structures, mainly for pumps and submersible pumps. It consists of purpose-built, easy-to-use drives with built-in macro parameters for sequential pump control and co-aging control.

- Drive systems for solar systems: In this section you can find both standard and MPPT-capable inverter systems for fully 3-phase motors and with inputs for solar panels. We do not have inverter models for residential use. It mostly appeals to agricultural irrigation, submersible pumps and other 380 volt 3 phase motors.

- Open type motor drives: Our card type speed controllers for machine manufacturers, which can be ordered in pieces and can be customized, can be found in this section. Our open type drives are not intended for retail sale.

- Speed ​​controllers for cranes: Motor controllers and auxiliary materials that can operate in harsh conditions, manufactured for cranes for both horizontal movement and vertical movement for hooks. On the other hand, our other models for cranes and elevators are not in suitable working conditions. If you have vertical working machines, you should choose a product from this section.

- Spindle motor drivers: High precision high frequency drivers for spindle motors working with open and closed method. In this category, you can find both our standard spin motor drivers and advanced serial spindle position control drivers. There are open and closed loop models for fully spindle cnc machines with a frequency of up to 1200 hz.

- Professional motor drives: Application devices and optional cards with fast and functional features for different sectors. There are speed controllers for machines that require high stability such as very precise speed adjustment, torque control, or winding-warping for internal additional control.

- Auxiliary products for speed controllers: In this section you can find braking resistors, input/output filters, potentiometers, panel meters and other auxiliary devices.

   Note: Dear visitor, we tried to make a design that will guide you step by step for product selection. Please reach the products you need by following the descriptions. Our website is not a market where separate personnel are assigned for each category and it is never built to find its place. Every product, every data and device has been created by meticulous work and from the products in our stock.


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