Second Hand Models


   Below, our second-hand products are listed as classified according to their functions. Not every product is displayed independently of its brand main class.

  Dear visitor, the main activity and works of our company consist of first degree new products. The fact that our second-hand archive is large sometimes causes mistakes.

  New and guaranteed models of almost all second hand automation materials (although sometimes alternative products) are available on our website. On the product pages, mostly what the devices do and the user manuals are written, it is useful to remind again and again that "we do not have warranty or technical support, advice, opinion, suggestion service for these products." It is possible to carefully examine the test reports and manuals and make a positive or negative decision.

  There is also the sale of products that are not in working condition on our website. It is possible to find such devices at much more economical prices by declaring their status. These devices are more meaningful for friends who repair electronic boards.

  One of the other important issues is to pay attention to the number of product stocks. It may take one or several weeks for the sold products to be deducted from the stock. On the other hand, there is no condition that the stock products of second-hand products that have fallen to zero will be supplied again later.

  Product images are not representative images, but are images of the actual product taken entirely by our own staff. The picture you see when buying a device reflects the entire device. Broken, rusty, missing or defective aspects, if any, are definitely shown in the product pictures.

  We determine the pricing according to our own criteria and taking into account the market conditions. If I buy a negotiable share or x pieces, will it be at this price? or "we try, we'll get it" derivative discourse does not only waste time + useless communication traffic. Our personnel you have already reached is not authorized to negotiate prices.

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