About Otomasyon AVM


As Otomasyon AVM, we have been providing closed circuit service to you, our valuable members, since 2011.

However, over time, both our product portfolio has changed and the technical infrastructure of our site has become unable to respond to member traffic.

We are working to be active as of May 30, 2021. From now on, every order will be made strictly online through the store, not by phone or mail.

In addition, we added our second hand and position control equipment to our site. Our prices are determined without bargaining and for the same sale for everyone.

As you know, we are a subsidiary of EFES Otomasyon company. For this reason, obligations such as shipment return and warranty are covered by the importer and supplier company efes automation.

5 different editors organize our website.

1-Ac drivers

2-Control devices + PLC and HMI

3- Sensor groups

4-Servo, CNC, reducers + motion

5- Second hand products

On the pages of the products, the opinions of both our editors and our customers who have tested the product sufficiently are included in the "editorial note" heading. As far as possible objective assessments have been made and are never binding.

We do our best to offer many brands and models to our valued members at the best possible prices. In the light of all this, we try to continue our business within the framework of our mutual goodwill and friendship.

In addition to all these, you will be able to access the list of our customers who have the capacity to start up the product you purchased in the city you are in and who have the electrician / automation technical competence who have used the product. You will have the opportunity to put the product you purchased before and on site. (not like dealership, more like advice)

Dear friends; We have walked and grown together until this day, I hope we will find the opportunity to walk with the same satisfaction.

 Best regards, Otomasyon AVM team ...