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Dear members, Potentiometers are divided into 2 main groups in terms of their functions and 3 main groups in terms of their structures.

1- Digital potentiometers; They are electronic devices for frequency control and capable of giving analog signal output for ac motor speed controllers. There are these kinds of digital control potentiometers in our store.

2- Linear potentiometers; Generally, they are the same as the classical rotary potentiometers in terms of the working logic used for measuring distance, but they are different models in terms of hardware. You can review these products in our linear potentiometers section.

3- Rotary industrial potentiometers; They are resistors that are mainly used to adjust the inverter (speed controllers) output frequency and whose value varies between 2.2k and 10k. (Only industrial potentiometers are available on our website.)

The rotary potentiometer is a 3-terminal manually adjustable variable resistor. Two terminals are connected to both ends of a resistor and the third terminal is connected to a sliding contact, called a broom, which moves over the resistor. The sweeper position determines the output voltage of the potentiometer. The potentiometer essentially functions as a variable voltage divider. The resistor element can be viewed as two resistors in series (potentiometer resistor), where the broom position determines the ratio of the first resistor to the second resistor. They are passive circuit elements, meaning they do not require a power supply or additional circuitry to perform basic linear or rotary position functions.

A potentiometer is also known as a potmeter or pot. The most common form of potmeter is the single-turn rotary potmeter. This type of pot is often used in speed level control (logarithmic taper) and many other applications. Different materials such as carbon composition, cermet, wire, conductive plastic or metal film are used to construct the potentiometer.

   > Supply voltages, output types, input types, operating models are explained in detail on each model's own page, and there are user manuals.

   >>Note: Like all our products on our website, our electronic rulers are products for use in machines for the industrial automation sector. It has been produced with galvanic isolation for potential sources of interference, such as frequency drivers, power supplies, induction motors of various sizes, located in the same room.





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