Welcome to our Time Relays page.

  Dear members, Developing technologies and the diversity of the demands of the machinery industry have created the need for different models for time relays, as in every product. Our time relay models, which we try to separate into main categories below, are roughly as follows;

> Digital (electronic) time relays: In general, our models with electronic display based on panel cover mounting, where operators can see the elapsed time, target time values, are in this section.

> Analog time relays: Relatively economical serial time relays with basic functions, which can be set with a potentiometer, mounted on the rail or mounted on the panel cover.

> Real-time (astronomical) relays; With the built-in battery and special equipment, the time format continues to work even if the energy is cut off; Time relays entered as month, year, day, hour, min etc.

> Special production time relays: Our non-mass production style devices, which we have customized for more specific requirements according to the machines of our customers, are included in this section.

>>Note: Like all our products on our website, our time relays are products for use in machines for the industrial automation sector. It has been produced with galvanic isolation for potential sources of interference, such as frequency drivers, power supplies, induction motors of various sizes, located in the same room.



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