Wellcome to our servo motion section

Dear Members ,

Our high performance devices for precision motion control and CNC machines  are presented as main headings .

At this point , we recomend you to follow our suggestions for chosing right products which are related each other , this way helps both of us losing less time to select the best configurations.

- Servo Systems : Our servo motor and drives are presented on this section . All our models are suitable to industries latest motion control methods.

- Step motor and Drives :  You can find open loop and closed loop stepper motors and drives on this section . All motors that are hybrid motors and drives are digital . They are suitable your CNC applicaitons .You can also find SMPS products for you stepper motor drive power supply .

- Servo Gearboxes : We present high precision gearboxes for servo motors and step motors with various ratio and types . We recomend you to inform your motor code to select suitable motor flange for the gearboxes .

- PC based CNC control boards : You can find CNC control cards which supports up to  32-axis on this section. We have various types of controllers ,please contact us for further information .

- Spindle Motor and drives : We have high speed motors and high frequency drives up to 1200hz for your CNC applicaitons are on this section .

Note:  All the products listed on this section are being investigated by our profesional technical team .You can rely on technical data's that are given on the product pages .

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