Temperature Controllers

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Above, you can find the list of devices and sensors produced in the main categories of heating and cooling.

   Digital temperature controllers; In this section, you can find digital electronic heat control relays and their explanations, wiring diagrams, program setting and other prices.

   Cooling control devices; It is the section where devices and sensors for cooling control are classified and located.

   Oven and cooking control devices; Rather, they are devices focused on sectoral solutions with structures that include both heat control and time control for ovens and cooking machines.

   Profile control devices (step control): It is the section where the products for the machines that need to be heated or cooled step by step of the materials produced on a sectoral basis.

   Sensors for heat control devices; You can find types of sensors that can be connected to Fe-conts, pt100, ptc, ntc, and other heat control circuits.

   Special production control devices; Machine-specific control devices with specific features that can potentially be produced for machinists

  Portable temperature controllers (handheld terminals); Our mobile heat control devices are available in this section. For both contact and non-contact temperature measurement.

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