Plc and Modules

> innovation PLC and modules; There are additional hardware such as Inovance H1U (XP) and H2U (XP) series CPUs and expansion modules produced for these PLCs, as well as analog and gsm module

> Invt PLC & Modules ; New version invt Programme Control devices and other modules, softwares , sample programs.

> Hcfa PLC and its modules; You can buy HCFA branded plc controllers and additional modules, mainly 1N and 1S series, from these pages.

> Open card type PLCs; Industrial type control devices that cannot be used directly but can be integrated into the system for embedded control systems.

> Shihlin PLC groups; Shihlin plc series are in our stocks with the old and the new irregularly. Rather, they are plc models that we sell for spare parts.

> Derell PLC (C groups) ; The deell PLC C series for control automation for basic needs is on sale.

> Communication cables for PLCs; Plc cables section for communication between computer and plc, program drawing and uploading tasks for many known plc devices

> Usb and protocol converters; It consists of converters that convert industrial communication protocols to each other.

      Dear members, PLC prices vary according to the brand and model. Please read the technical specifications of the model you are considering purchasing. Our company does not provide technical assistance to every product. Therefore, you can find information on whether technical support is provided in the "features" section of the relevant product.

       All of the PLC Programs published on our website are free versions distributed by the manufacturer. There are absolutely no illegal software versions such as programs that require licenses and other serial numbers on our website. Do not contact us about this. In addition, our company only supports products sold from the automation mall. We do not have phone support about software and hardware for the devices previously on your machine. We think you will understand in this matter.

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