We are working for the best

Dear members, hello
As we have announced before;
Since 2013, we have changed our closed loop system.
During the past time, both our product range has changed a lot and our database has remained weak against the increasing traffic.
The renovation works, which we foresee as 15 days, are still continuing and we aim to start serving again on May 30, 2021.
During the test, some categories may appear half-half because the pictures and pricing of some products continue to be uploaded. Since we shoot most of the images with our own means, the process is prolonged.
In addition to our products, we have included Servo and step systems.
Our request from you is to place your orders by phone or e-mail.
You can use the same product codes as your previous records are in our archive.
We will continue to pull our prices below the market prices as much as we can, in order to be worthy of your favor to this day.
Best regards Otomasyon AVM.