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   xxxx industrial control and automation products are listed in this section. Our company doesn't provide technical support or consultancy for xxxx brand PLC, HMI and other products.

   Below listed products are in our inventory but we don't provide technical support for these products .
Please don't expect any technical support while ordering these items .  xxxx Web page

   Dear Guests, if you are looking for low cost automation products please visit our new AC drives, Control devices or PLC-HMI  sensor and servo controller section .

    xxx brand products may have higher prices than equivalent new products. The products you see in this section have been serving in industry and production areas, factories and machines, metal manufacturing sectors such as textile, marble, plastic, petroleum, wood, robotic industry and CNC for many years. Please be reminded that all second hand products even surplus ones are out of warranty.
Most of our products have test reports in the description sections . Please read these reports carefully. We sell faulty products time to time as a spare part supply.

If you would like to sell your stock to us please send us an email to ikinciel@otomasyonavm.com  with the details of product like product codes, prices..etc along with the pictures of the products.

Note : We don't quote for the products you would like to sell us , seller determines the prices.

    Our second hand pages being refreshed every 10 days .Some of the products may still appear for a short time on the pages even they are sold .

    Our second-hand section is enriched with additional products on average every day. If you cannot find the material you are looking for, it is possible to find a similar device in other categories or other brands. You can also search using the on-site search bar above.

- xxxx Automation Products price List -

   Important reminder; The main activity of our company is not buying and selling second hand products. Yes, although we have a strong archive over time, we mostly operate on new products and new software. We find it useful to make this reminder in order not to fall into conceptual confusion on this subject. For more detailed information, see the about us section.

- The following products have user manuals and software files, if any, on their own pages. It will certainly be beneficial to carefully examine the relevant documents. 004

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